Take the Safe Home Pledge

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1. I will actively supervise all gatherings or parties of youth in my/our home or on my/our property, or ask another responsible adult to do so.

2. I will not allow possession or use of alcohol, tobacco or other drugs by youth in my/our home or on my/our property

3. I will set expectations for my/our child/children knowing where they are going, who they are with, what their plans are and when they are to return home.

4. I will provide a secure storage place for all forms of alcohol, tobacco and prescription drugs in my/our home. I will safely dispose of any unused prescription drugs.

5. I will talk with any parent/guardian of a child I personally observe using alcohol, tobacco or other drugs.

6. I will talk to my/our child/children regularly about alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.


• Develop and communicate a clear position about alcohol, tobacco and other drug use.

• Not allow unauthorized parties and gathering in their homes.

• Support law enforcement policy regarding the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs; encourage the use of appropriate discipline and treatment in dealing with offenders.

• Not allow the underage use of alcohol, tobacco or other drugs in their homes or on their property.

• Communicate with other parents in their child’s social circles.

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